In-Person Intensive: Flourish

Flourish - July 2023

In-Person Intensive: Flourish

July 31-August 4, 2023

This one week course runs from 9am-3pm Monday through Friday in person in Connecticut and is for adults and older teens.  Schedule a consultation to find out if this course is a fit for you!  

Spend the week exploring your stuttering pattern, desensitizing, increasing resiliency, facing fears, calming your brain, re-associating patterns from the past, regulating your nervous system, open stuttering, enjoying communication and more!  This group includes 6-8 clients and provides an opportunity to cultivate community and a sense of belonging.

You will have opportunities to expand your comfort zone with great support as we go out in public to interact, get on the phone, and practice with all of your group members. Fun role playing opportunities will abound along with creating structured assignments for outside of therapy. You will make friends and become a part of the Hope for Stuttering family.

Whether you are new to Hope for Stuttering or a current client wanting a turbo boost of intense connecting and new levels of freedom, this course is a unique opportunity to step into more of who you truly are and to flourish. 

*Joining one of Hope for Stuttering’s weekly group therapy sessions after completing the Flourish course is recommended or following up with your home speech therapist for continued support of your transformation.

How to Register:

To meet with Chamonix and start the process to reserve your spot use the button below to book a consultation. Spots are limited.

*Email or call for pricing and further information. 

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