In-Person Intensive: Old-School Stuttering Strategies 101


In-Person Intensive: Old-School Stuttering Strategies 101

June 12-16, 2023

If you would like to manage your stuttering using physical fluency tools and stuttering modification strategies, this one week course is for you!  

Adults and older teens gather from 9am-3pm M-F to immerse themselves into the physical drill work of these management tools. If you’re someone who clutters, this week long course might be just what you’re looking for as rate reduction and clarity are a result of implementing these tools.

We focus on coordinating all of the aspects required to produce clear and controlled fluency.  

Easy vibrations and freeze and fix tools are prominent and presented in a detailed format with intense practice sessions inside and real life outside practice.  Assignments for each evening are included with a focus on using these tools independently out in real life.

This is not a quick fix for stuttering or a week that ends with a cure. This is intense practice to get up and running much more quickly with these tools. You must do a consultation to see if this course is an appropriate match for you.

You are the client and how you choose to work with your stuttering is your choice!  Many clients will choose to follow the approach of open stuttering and avoidance reduction that is a part of the Flourish course and never take this course.  

How to Register

To meet with Chamonix and start the process to reserve your spot use the button below to book a consultation. Spots are limited.

*Email or call for pricing and further information. 

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